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Products Hair Iron
Hair Irons UHS-6300
Professional hair straightener
model : UHS-6300     
  size : 0.24x1.57x1.57(ins)    
  weight : 0.87 lb     
  color : Silver/Black    
  power sauce : 120 / 220V    
  frequency : 50 / 60Hz     
  origin : Korea 
  Nano-silver spray
   Nano-silver is sprayed on the whole surface of the body for sterilization and anti-electromagnetic
   wave, and the product looks more luxurious.

Swivel power cord
   Our power cord is rotating in the angle of 360 degrees for prevention of cord twist.

Substance of the body
   Substance of the body is made of PET with 30% of glass to endure up to 220℃. If you want PET 
   with 40% of glass, it is possible. In that case heat resisting temperature is over 230℃. If you don't    want PET, we can use nylon 66. The price is the same as PET.

Ceramic/tourmaline coated heating plates
   Heating plates are coated with ceramic/tourmaline. Ceramic/tourmaline emits negative-ion to    prevent damage of hair. It is normal that there is small gap (0.8mm) between two heating plates.    When heating plates are heated, the end of two arms of heating plates are bent outwards. Then    there will be no gap between the two heating plates. And also 100% ceramic heating plates are 
   possible. In that case, the price will be USD 0.70 up (black) / USD 0.90 up (yellow)Nano-silver    spray

Temperature controlling buttons
   In order to control temperature more easily, temperature goes up and down by 5℃ in 19 stages    within the range of 120 to 210℃ when ever upper / lower button is pushed.

Automatic safety circuit adopted
   Automatic safety circuit is adopted. So when users do not use this product for 60 minutes with    power switch on, automatic safety circuit cuts off electric power automatically. Therefore users
   can use this product safely.

LCD temperature indicator
   After desired temperature is set, the LED lamp is lit up in red before the temperature reaches set    temperature. And the red LED lamp changes to green when the temperature reaches set    temperature.  

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